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Written by Fabrizio Fenner.

one million views closer



Angelo Licata, in the following article, speaks of a goal achieved by another of his works, that was born thanks to the collaboration of his friends, who have always devoted heart and soul to these projects .... especially one: Diego.

"Anyone who works in this field knows, knows the great effort and absolute dedication required to complete an audiovisual work. The best gift you can get as an artist, writer and director in this case, is the approval of the audience. And I’ve to say that CLOSER, with its millions of contacts and thousands of enthusiastic comments that talk in favor of a series or a feature film, this approval there gave it (go to the link below to read them!). 
The second gift is the ability to continue to dream, to continue the story, which in the case of Closer has a structured and very intriguing mythology, what you see in short is just the tip of the iceberg. Roberto Pretti and I have written the script for the feature film for a year, but for now the fine words of Italian products have remained just words. We have two other projects ready to start one of which seems well on the way, is called Warangel and arrived first at the Ministry of Culture last year for Best Screenplay. But CLOSER is not far (only much more nerd) and deserves to become something more than a short seen millions of times online. Well aware of all those who have struggled to make it real. Beginning with the Cast: Vincenzo Alfieri, Elena Cucci, Francesca Gandolfo, Fabrizio Fenner, the musician and composer Alexander Cimini, Fabrizio Rizzolo my assistant director, Riccardo Antonino, Mila Mirenghi, Andrea Languasco, Maurizio Zuppa, Stefano Paglialonga and all the rest of the team who suffered in those humid nights in the woods Gouta, you are too many but I will try to tag you all. And finally, the most important of all, that unfortunately after MALA VITA no longer be able to work with us because passed away. And that’s why this milestone of CLOSER is dedicated to you dear friend. The director of photography that everyone would like to have next in life and work. Million were fascinated by your light: Diego Casciola "