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Thor: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Master Sorran meets Thor when his future protégé was only five years old, during an archaeological research on the frozen planet Kaleban, an important archaeological site rich in Eronian artifacts. Thor was a native child belonging to the Ursthor tribe. He had an innate flair for the Force. For this reason, the elderly people called him "Urish Ushur," meaning the gods' son.

Sorran decides to save him from his fateful destiny: once grown up, the population would have sacrificed him for the reunification with his peers. Sorran saves him introducing himself to the population as a deity coming from the stars to recover his lost son.

After two years of hard training carried-out by the Masters, Thor is entrusted to Sorran again. He takes him on dangerous missions, definitely not suitable for the young age of the boy. Despite this aspect, Thor shows to be so much suitable to this role that he saves Master Sorran's life more than once. The relationship between them is so strong that over time it turns into something very similar to the father-son relationship.

Because of his outstanding skills he has been trained to the use of two lightsabers. One of the two swords has a special crystal coming from Thor's native planet, Kaleban. This crystal, by vibrating the blade at a higher frequency, increases the impact force of the blows inflicted while fighting.