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Luca Salvadei. Another Hero of the Deed of the Thousand.

Other Heroes continues to join the extraordinary Deed of the Thousand.

Today we talk about Luca Salvadei, from Rozzano in the province of Milano (Italy), who has decided to become associate producer of "Dark Resurrection vol. 2".

Even  to Luca we asked the reason that pushed him to join this venture and he, simply, replied:

"Why do I support you? For the passion I have in SW, which I love; for the passion that you have demonstrated in SW, I admire; and for your really exceptional skill in the production of these chapters, that I envy. "

We say thank you Luca for the great support and the wonderful compliments, wishing you, as always: May The Force Be With You…Always!

A new Hero from Rome: Pietro Torrente

Pietro Torrente Roma Italy

PietroTorrente from Rome, the new hero of the Army of the Deed of the Thousand, but also an associate producer of "Dark Resurrection Vol.0".
His dedication to the project has already amply demonstrated by contributing to the volume 0 of Dark Resurrection.
Now Peter continues to support us for these reasons:

"I've always been passionate about Star Wars since I was only 6-7 years old. As a child, in fact, most of my games were themed Star Wars, and now that I'm a little more older my attitude has not changed, and it is clear even from my photo. I participated with pleasure in Vol. 0, and I came to see the premiere in Sanremo, and it was an incomparable emotion for me. The excitement to meet all of you, to live this unique experience, to see a film of high quality, and to know that this film belongs to the extraordinary people who you are, it is something wonderful. Keep it up, then, you may be proud, as I am to have helped!"

Thanks Pietro for your beautiful words and for your great support!
May The Force Be With You....Always!

Matteo A. Franchi, from supporting partner to Hero of the Deed of the Thousand!

Matteo A. Franchi Vizzolo Predabissi MI Italy

He was a supporting partner since 2012, now Matteo Augusto Franchi, with a new and generous donation has become to all intents Associate Producer of "Dark Resurrection vol.2".

Despite the long time elapsed since the start of the fundraising, Matteo confirmed, once again, his trust in this project. We thank Matthew for his important contribution, letting him to explain the reasons that led him to support us.

"Thank to you which have had a great idea that you're carrying out with all efforts possible. I discovered Dark Ressurection in 2012. After watching Volume 1 I was ecstatic. Why did I wanted to contribute to the realization of Volume 2? Because as a fan of George Lucas' Saga, I couldn't avoid to support a project like yours. A project full of passion and creativity. I can not wait to follow again the adventures of Sorran, Hope and other Jedi Knights!"

Thanks again Matteo Augusto!
May The Force Be With You...Always!!!

Michael Lancuba, a new Hero from Australia!

Michael Lancuba Melbourne Australia

Michael Lancuba, the first hero of the Deed of the Thousand which comes from Australia!

Michael has shown a lot of appreciation about "Dark Resurrection" and wanted to support our project, becoming Associate Producer, for the following reasons:

“I think it is exciting to see somebody brave enough to tackle new Stars Wars elements. The richness of the Star wars universe is so much more than the skywalker legacy or the time frame revolving around those particular events, it’s great to see the team of Dark Resurrection had and continues to have the boldness of character to explore a new time line with a new set of protagonists and thus only add or rather enrich the Star Wars universe with their foresight and willingness to achieve the dream and dearly hope that it, if at all possible, does not stop with DR Volume 2, I hope they tackle new themes, be they completely new stories of a continuation of this, and bring to life even more characters that can make their own unique mark. Spero che riuscite a farlo, buon fortuna e auguri per quel cha avete già compiuto, è stato un piacere guardarlo e allora dato che cera l’opportunità di offrire qualche piccola cosa ho deciso di farlo perché voglio vedere come va finire questa storia di Hope, master Zui Mar Lee e Lord Sorran.”

We all want to thank Michael for the generous support whishing him, as always,

May The Force Be With You ... Always !!!


An Hero of the Deed Of the Thousand from Finland


Another hero has joined the Deed fo the Thousand. He comes from Filnad and his name is Timo Häkkinen.

At the request of the reason that pushed him to become associate producer, Timo replied:

"The reason for supporting vol. 2 is, that I saw vol. 0 one of the best maybe the best fan film what I have ever seen. I have worked in TV business long time ago and now I am working in IT business, so understand film effects quite well, and in the vol0 they were huge. I’d like to see vol2, so I make decision to support it a little bit, and because I live far a fay (2000 km), it is difficult support you any other way that giving small fee to you."

Thank you Timo! May The Force Be With You…Always!

Antonino Roello. Another Hero from Rome

Antonino Roello Roma Italy

In these days, another person has joined the Army of the Deed of the Thousand. His name is Antonino Roello and lives in Rome.

It was also asked to Antonino the reason that prompted him to become Associate Producer of "Dark Resurrection Volume 2" and he very simply said:

"The reasons? Because you have done a great job in all aspects and then the Italian genius always deserves to be supported"

A lot of thanks to Antonino for his appreciation and for his generous support.

Thank you Antonino!

May The Force Be With You...Always!

A new Hero: Emiliano Maria Ciani

Emiliano Maria Ciani Sesto Calende VA Italia

He does not come from a remote province "of the Empire", but he comes from the province of Varese, our new Hero of the “Deed of the Thousand”.

Emiliano, big fan for many years of the fantastic Universe created by George Lucas, he knew the project "Dark Resurrection" and he wanted to join, becoming Associate Producer, for the reasons that he tells:

“I knew the universe of Star Wars in '87 seeing the trilogy to air summer cinema and I instantly fell in love. That universe was exactly as I had built in my imagination and dreams. So close to real life but so fantastic and science fiction to be a mirage and those stormtrooper ... ah! Love at first sight. And love has remained over the years growing up and taking me to looking for everything that was inspired and talking about star wars until I bump into Dark Resurrection. Struck on the road to Coruscant ... ha ha. Such mastery interpretation, passion and originality in a product "amateur" designed and built by enthusiasts like me. I loved the first realization, waited spasmodically the second release and now I could not feel bound to contribute to the realization of another great chapter of this adventure that we are doing live. May the force be with you.”

All of us by the Staff can only thank Emiliano for his devotion to our project, wishing him, as always:

May The Force Be With You…Always!


From the United States another Hero: James Orens!

James Orens Riverside CA U.S.A


Even James Orens, new Associate Producer of "Dark Resurrection vol.1", as well as Hero of the Deed of the Thousand, comes from the U.S.A.; precisely from Riverside, California.

"In the Star Wars universe, we have all seen episodes I-VI. We await with great anticipation episode VII. Yet there is another saga in the Star Wars universe of equal import and as eagerly awaited. It is the continuing story of Dark Resurrection. For those of us who have been privileged to see the previous installments, it is clear that it is our "destiny" to fulfill this saga's full potential. the story line and production values are amazing. It is for these reasons that I have chosen to contribute to the realization of Dark Resurrection and encourage others to do so as well."

James Thanks for your support and for your beautiful words that encourage us to move forward in our project.

May The Force Be With You....Always!!!

A New Hero from Germany: David Freitag


David Freitag Salomonsborn Germania

David Freitag is the new Hero added to the list of the pioneers who are supporting Dark Resurrection Volume 2.

David lives in Salomonsborn (Germany) and he is also a good music composer
Let's find out what pushed him to support us:

"The reason why I have made my donation, is that I've seen the first two films and would like to know, what will happen next. In addition, I like fanfilms produced so for finest."

Thank you David! We really appreciate your support!
May The Force Be With You...Always!

Another Hero of the Deed of the Thousand: Sergio De Biasio

Sergio De Biasio Azzano San Paolo BG Italia

A new hero has joined the Deed of the Thousand, his name is Sergio De Blasio and comes from Azzano San Paolo, outside Bergamo, Italy.

Sergio joined the Army of the Thousand Heroes for the following reason reasons:

"I have contributed because seeing your movies made me feel inside Star Wars. You have done an amazing job and, such a role player and lover of Star Wars, I can not avoid a little help in the continuation of the work. Thank you so much for what you have done and what are you doing, fills with pride to see some Italians with so much passion who carry out such a beautiful project."

Thanks very much to Sergio, to whom we say, as usual:
May The Force Be With You...Always!!!

Marco Begliardo, another Hero of the Deed of the Thousand

Marco Begliardo Busca CN Italia

Another Hero joined the Deed of the Thousand! His name is Marco Begliardo and he lives in the province of Cuneo, Italy.

Marco, passionate about cinema and science fiction, explains the reason that prompted him to become associate producer of "Dark Resurrection vol.2".

"I have always been passionate about film in general, and when I heard about the project Dark Resurrection I "fell in love ": both films exude passion, attention to detail, and have a great visual impact and a script cured, which fits perfectly in the SW universe. Knowing that everything has been made with limited resources only serves to accentuate the value, so giving help to you is a pleasure and an honor. And see your own name between the producers, I admit, it will also be a great satisfaction;) "

Thanks Marco for your generous contributions and great support!

From the Staff we wish you (as usual):
May The Force Be With You ... Always !!!


Edward Cologna, another Hero from U.S.A.!

Edward Cologna Passaic NJ U.S.A

Edward Cologna (probably of Italian origins) is yet another hero of the United States who joined our enterprise made in Italy.

Professional in video production, Edward decided to become Associate Producer of "Dark Resurrection vol.2" for the following reasons:

“I saw Dark Resurrection on YouTube and was impressed by the great work this talented team of individuals put together. If I lived in Italy I probably would have tried to volunteer my services instead of just donating money.
Looking forward to seeing how your saga unfolds!
Italian style!
Ps: the best westerns were made in Italy. Also the best food, cars, clothes, music, actors, inventors, designers, artists, etc.
Why not the best sci-fi?

With great appreciation, thank Edward for his generous contribution, wishing him (as usual):

May The Force Be With You...Now, on December 16th and Always!!!