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    The gorgeous Italian Star Wars movie you never knew you wanted!

    Dark Resurrection spopola online!

    Angelo Licata may have opened the way towards a new range of possibilities for Italian cinema, especially independent
  • Spinobreaker - Youtube

    Spinobreaker - Youtube

    All i can say is i hope lucas sees this and helps u guys make it a proper series like it deserves to be
  • Mauhey - Youtube

    Mauhey - Youtube

    it is amazing! A fan film much better than some high budget SF movies
  • Miriamfredi - Youtube

    Miriamfredi - Youtube

    Sono senza parole. Non avrei mai pensato che in Italia si potesse fare qualcosa del genere. Grazie ragazzi, date un po' di speranza al cinema italiano

Fund raising for
Dark Resurrection Vol.2

Pledged: 24.573,00

Joseph DesRocher, a new pioneer Hero of Vol.2

Written by Raffaella Falletta.

Joseph DesRocher, nuovo pioniere degli eroi del Vol.2

Joseph DesRocher-Peru


Here is the new Hero who joins the other pioneers who have accepted to contribute to the realization of Dark Resurrection Volume 2 before the other people: his name is Joseph DesRocher from Peru (NY), United States.

Joseph tells us the reason for his decision: "I have always been a huge fan of the Star Wars Universe and after seeing the original Dark Resurrection (Volume 1), it struck me as being one of the most visually stunning and well-played out scripts that I have ever seen in the fanfilm world. Dark Resurrection is definitely a nice added touch to one of the greatest space operas ever made. I made ​​my contribution not only because I am a fan but would like everyone out there who supports the film being made of the Star Wars Universe for Dark Resurrection Volume 2 to become a reality and complete one of the most extravagant trilogies ever made. Dark Resurrection is truly worthy to sit aside the classic films of the original trilogy (Episode IV, V, VI). This brave crew of visionaries definitely know what they are doing in continuing the Star Wars Saga."

Thank you from all of us, May The Force Be With You!