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Colonna Sonora

The soundtrack of Dark Resurrection is now available for free to download.

Download it now


Dark Resurrection Volume 0 OST by Bruno Di Giorgi


Now it's time to leave you the comment in full of the composer Bruno di Giorgi, who in our opinion is the future of the Italian film music.

The soundtrack of Dark Resurrection Volume 0 is the result of three-year work (from summer 2008 to summer 2011). This period has been particularly long in order to look after the concept in the best way and to accomplish the mammoth job of programming and mixing the virtual orchestra . All the technical and artistic staff has chased the ideal of maintaining the high-quality standards of the big productions, despite the non-profit essence of the project.

I loved working with Angelo, I feel in tune with his artistic taste and the way he directed focusing on emotions. Plus, he's a great music listener, he knows well what he can get emotionally through a soundtrack. He plans his scenes taking this aspect into huge consideration. For this reason he is extremely demanding and with his enthralling enthusiasm pushes myself beyond my limits.

I started working on the concept right from the script. One of the very first ideas that I developed was the main theme of Sorran (the protagonist), which you can hear in the middle of the track "Dark Resurrection Volume 0 Trailer A", at the beginning of the track "Nevar", and finally just a hint in the middle of the track "Meditations" and of "Escaping The Resurrection." This is the theme of Sorran, describing his mad pursuit and unbridled ambition, that's why I enhanced it with three ascending notes.

Another important theme featuring Sorran which is linked to the weight of the role that the fate calls him to hold, is the theme of the Chosen One. This theme represents all the sacrifice that Sorran will have to endure to fulfill his destiny. You can hear just a hint of it at the beginning of the track " Meditations", while fully expressed in the track "The Chosen One" and finally in the middle of the track "Thor's Death " and of "Eternal Life & Titles".

The third and final recurring theme is the one concerning the Resurrection, the organic huge wreck in which the film is set, which is also the emblem of Sorran's obsessive quest. Since its appearance, we immediately realize that it can be a threat to the Jedi's group and unfortunately to many of them it will be fatal. I tried enhance this subtle threat with a chromatic melody, trying to create a parallelism with the theme of Sorran: even in this case there are three notes, but this time they are descending. You can hear it in the middle of the track "Resurrection Spotted", almost at the end of the track “Towards The Resurrection," and in "Boarding The Resurrection." This is the main theme of the song "Temple Of Life".

At the end of the track "The Chosen One" right when Sorran finds out to be the Chosen One, this theme intersects with the other Sorran's theme: the connection is established.

A special mention goes to the great cellist Dapor Mariano, the only real tool of this soundtrack who played divinely the cello solo part in the track "Ancient Secrets", adding a greater emotional impact.

"It's thanks to Bruno and to what he has done with his wonderful music, if Dark Resurrection is so touching in many moments of the film".

                     Angelo Licata (regista) – backstage “Back In Dark”

"Exciting music".

                The Italian newspaper “La Stampa” - Saturday, September 09th 2011

"The excellent soundtrack (by Bruno Di Giorgi) deserves a special mention, it make the final outcome even more captivating".


"Another big step forward compared to the first episode. The soundtrack achieved perfection and enhanced the key moments of the story. Plus, it leaves no one longing for the original music of Star Wars".