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Press Review DR Vol.1

Written by Riccardo Antonino.


16/08/2007 - Panorama  

The Italian Star Wars costs only 7.000 Euros. Fan Film. A dentist turning into a director, an architect working on the special effects and Sergio Muniz as a guest star. That’s how "Dark Resurrection" has won the web.


The article
01/07/2007 - Visto  

Making Star Wars cost only seven thousand Euros, and the price "included" even Sergio Muniz and the blessing of George Lucas. That's how a dentist and an architect from Bordighera created a new episode of Star Wars.

01/04/2007 - Ciak  

Italian-style Star Wars. Nothing is missing in the “Lucas like” movie Dark Resurrection. It is a fan film inspired by Star Wars, directed by Angelo Licata and Davide Bigazzi with a small budget and a lot of friends, including Sergio Muniz playing in the role of the Jedi Master.


The article
01/04/2007 - Jack  

Among the many homemade imitations pivoting on Star Wars, a brand new chapter is adding, this time shot in Liguria by a dentist and his friends. Will Dark Resurrection be the ordinary handcrafted mess? Not at all.


The article
01/04/2007 - XL Repubblica  

Distant galaxies…are you kidding? The new base of operations of George Lucas’ saga is set in Bordighera, in the hands of a local dentist who, together with many other fans and with a small budget has probably created the seventh episode. You can watch it (for free) directly online.


The article
20/03/2007 - Diva e Donna  

Two amateurs with a passion for cinema and the craze for Star Wars: that’s how Dark Resurrection was born. It only cost 7000 Euros and you will only see it on the web. Exceptional interpreter, the Spanish actor Sergio Muniz: "I decided to put myself forward for free for a cammeo." The full interview with Sergio Muniz and Angelo Licata on the Italian weekly magazine “Diva e Donna”


The article



28/06/2007 - METRO [Milano]  

"Amazing" has been the exclamation of Lucas after watching the short feature film "Dark Resurrection" inspired by Star Wars.

The article



15/06/2007 -  


The evil forces and the Jedi knights are back, ready to clasp their lightsabers again. This time however George Lucas has nothing to do with it. If you are looking for the authors of the new sci-fi saga movie, all you have to do is dropping by Liguria. And if you want to watch the film, simply log on to the Internet. Dark Resurrection is a feature film which seems be born from the imagination of the legendary American director. His author however is Angelo Licata, a thirty-four-year-old dentist from Bordighera with a great passion for Star Wars.


The article



18/06/2007 -  


Star Wars”, the success of the Italian homemade movie. The amateur film of an Italian dentist has appeared on a special of the American TV. 

The article



22/02/2007 - Speciale su Rai 3 Liguria  


The TV report on the Italian channel Rai 3 Liguria from Enzo Melillo during the TV program “Il Settimanale” was entirely dedicated to Dark Resurrection. Curiosities about the set, interviews with Maurizio Zuppa, Grazia Ogulin, Angelo Licata and Davide Bigazzi and other unreleased videos.




01/06/2007 - Sanremo News  


An unscheduled exciting event has taken place this morning at the Ariston Theatre, during the press conference for presentation of the Italian premiere of 'Dark Resurrection'. Claudio Sorrentino known to the public as the official voice of Mel Gibson and John Travolta, received a phone call from his friend Walter Vacchino who put him on hands-free mode.

The article




15/05/2007 - Sanremo News 



Davide Bigazzi, creator of the virtual locations and of the three-dimensional elements of Dark Resurrection, granted exclusively to the readers of Sanremo News, unpublished images showing the work in progress of the spaceships and temples. Taking everybody by surprise, David has also generously “given” us even the costumes sketches by Luciano Regazzoni, a professor of the International Comics School in Milan. 

The article



05/06/2007 - Sanremo News  


At the ticket office of the Ariston Theatre, on the second day of the free distribution of the invitations to the evening event taking place on Thursday, Dark Resurrection is nearly sold out. While preparations keep on going on, carried out by the Association Riviera Film, the magazine Sanremo News has interviewed Marcella Braga, the female protagonist of the short movie by Angelo Licata and Davide Bigazzi.

The article



31/05/2007 - Sanremo News  


The countdown to the Italian premiere of Dark Resurrection has just started. The event is scheduled for Thursday 21th at the Ariston Theatre. To know something more about the protagonists, we have interviewed Maurizio Zuppa, aka Jedi Master Zui Mar Lee, at the CWK sports academy in Sanremo, where he teaches martial arts, self-defense, as well as psychophysical activities.


The article



04/05/2007 - Il Secolo XIX  


The article published on the Italian newspaper “Il Secolo XIX” reveals the secrets of the architect of Dark Resurrection, Davide Bigazzi who is both author of the backgrounds and the virtual locations and producer of the film.


The article



16/02/2007 - Il Secolo XIX  


On the occasion of Sergio Muniz last participation in the shooting of some key scenes of Dark Resurrection, on Thursday, February 15th the Italian newspaper “Il Secolo XIX” published a remarkable article explaining us the reasons why Muniz has decided to take part in the project.

The article



29/03/2007 - Il Secolo XIX  


Video Festival, a showcase of talents taking place in the city of Imperia. Interview with Davide Bigazzi and Angelo Licata.

The article



12/01/2007 - Il Secolo XIX  


Another article appeared on the Italian newspaper "Secolo XIX" on the 11th of January 2007. As usual, the umpteenth acknowledgments for the good job done so far are not missing, especially from Angelo Licata and Davide Bigazzi themselves, the pioneers of this great challenge.

The article

04/01/2007 - Supereva  


From the web movie guide "Supereva Show and Entertainment" in the Dubbers'section you will find the interview to Riccardo Leto, from Saddam to Dark Resurrection.

The article

02/01/2007 - Corriere di Verona  


The article reports the interview to Marcella Braga. It has been published on the "Corriere di Verona", the weekly insert of the newspaper "Corriere della Sera".

The article

16/02/2006 - GSNet Magazine  


The website Guerre Stellari.Net becomes a paper magazine, the number 0 is entirely dedicated to Dark Resurrection.
Besides the numerous publications on the Star Wars world there are also in-depth article on the project and an interview with Marcella Braga.
You can download the files on:
The magazine - The article on DR - Interview to Hope



The B Trailer on FXHome: the most downloaded and the most voted one in the whole FXhome archive.
" I give it 10/5, great job, the 3d is pro, the video is pro, everything looks stunning, and this movie looks visually amazing, great job!!!! ".

"probably the best I've seen in no-budget fanfilms".

02/11/2006 - Twitch



Dark Resurrection

Unofficial Italian Star Wars Short Movie.
Lately i stumbled across the website for a short movie called Dark Resurrection, that caught my attention. But what is DR about?

Radio Monte Carlo - Radio Broadcast
Radio Monte Carlo - Radio Broadcast
03/11/2005 - Fantasy Magazine  


It's been really a titanic effort for this small handcrafted production that has already shot three quarters of the film. The extraordinary quality of this work done with passion is proved by the trailer available for free on the

04/10/2005 - Supereva  


What you can see at first glance is certainly the excellent visual quality. The photography is sharp, the three-dimensional graphics is so much well-made that it gets difficul to distinguish the composite backgrounds from the real ones. Lightsabers and spaceships offer the usual thrill, and even the actors strike for their presence as it had already been announced.

30/06/2006 - Fantasy Magazine  


Dark Resurrection, the B trailer is online.

On the official website, the short movie by Angelo Licata and Davide Bigazzi. A three-minute video takes the public to the temple of Eron.

05/09/2006 - Corriere Fantascienza  


Dark Resurrection is looking for extras for the final scene. Do you want to appear in the Italian short movie taking place in the Star Wars universe? Here's how you can do it.

09/08/2005 - La Stampa  


Totally unexpected, a huge article on our project has appeared on Sunday, August 7th on the Italian newspaper "La Stampa". Although with a few inaccuracies, the article is really rich and even too full of details. We are proud to have attracted so much attention and we take this opportunity to thank those who took care of the article. It seems they have sailed on our website and on the related links in a very thorough way.

15/09/06 - La Repubblica  


The article on Dark Resurrection and its last ciak on the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica".

22/03/07 - L'Eco della Riviera  


The article on Dark Resurrection and its protagonists on the Italian newspaper "L'Eco della Riviera".

29/09/2005 - Supereva


Dark Resurrection: a stellar short movie

A decisive choice is to focus as much as possible on a professional result, so no more rough recitation like in many amateur short movies and let's give space to theater actors with a charismatic presence. Special care, and could not be otherwise, to the special effects, which from the images already available on the website seem to be outstanding.

12/04/2006 Webtrekitalia  


It has really nothing to envy to films made by the official show factory. Dark Resurrection is a project that deserves to be followed in its path and above all is it is a short movie not to be missed for the science fiction lovers.



Interview with a special Filmmaker.

"I could not really say what my style is. It has changed lot, just look at the first scenes of Dark Resurrection and to the last one that we have shot to feel a big change. I can tell you in my growth has been the source of my personal admiration, however the the list very is long and varied: Leone, Raimi, Spielberg, Tarantino, Who.... "

Angelo Licata

02/10/2005 Tetsuo

Dark Resurrection: a stellar short movie

The Force is flowing Italy.

First, check out the trailer and you will understand why we are so excited about this short movie. It seems that in Italy making science fiction films of excellent quality is absolutely possible.




An independent science fiction feauture film with the use of 3D computer graphics for the visual effects.




Dark Resurrection Trailer A - Fxhome




Dark Resurrection: trailer on streaming - Swx



15/10/2006 - Lusoria  

Special: Dark Resurrection

Star Wars Made in Italy...

I really think that many people will be pleasantly surprised by this small tribute to Star Wars, and will certainly wonder why in Italy there is only a few brave pioneers willing to bring innovation in filmmaking, an innovation that is able to bring the Italian amateur productions closer to the great Hollywood cinema, something that the Italian film industry has never done before. 



29/09/2005 - Digg  
Star Wars Fan Flick 
(made with only one camera)



27/03/2006 - Apocalissedeldesiderio



Dark Resurrection. 
Is it also the dark resurrection of the Italian cinema?
Yesterday we were just talking about the myth and today we are already talking about this contemporary mythology.




14/02/2006 - Cineblog


Dark Resurrection: Interview

Are you fans of the Star Wars saga?

Stop here and read more. 




04/10/2005 - Pocacola

Dark Resurrection: oh my God, they're so good!

Sometimes passion, creativity and intelligence are able to make good things and at the same time to become a source of experience and improvement (as well as great fun).



04/10/2005 - Cst
Dark Resurrection: Star Wars will have a sequel!
It seems that the Star Wars saga's destiny is to go on, although George Lucas...



29/12/2005 - Crowdedbrain
Star Wars Dark Resurrection
This 'Star Wars' Fan Film when it comes out should be pretty cool.



22/11/2005 - Fantascienza


Dark Resurrection

A small Star Wars shot in Italy

A small amateur non-profit production able to be important as well as the original one. This is Dark Resurrection, a Star Wars episode shot in Italy.