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Alessio Lucarini from Matelica (Italy), last Associate Producer.

196 Alessio Lucarini Matelica MC

Here we are with the last great hero, the 196th Associate Producer of Dark Resurrection vol.2.

Alessio Lucarini, from Matelica in the province of Macerata (Italy), has the honor of being the last to close the long list of the most important supporters of our beloved Saga.

At our request of the reason that led him to support our project in such a consistent manner, Alessio simply replied:

"I made this donation because I like what you have created, very good !!!"

In its simplicity and synthesis, Alessio has enclosed the true meaning that unites all our supporters, that is the desire to express, with a tangible contribution, their appreciation for something they really like.

I thank Alessio with all my heart, wishing him, as usual:

May the Force be with you ... always!



I take the opportunity of this last article that I write for our Associate Producers, to thank ALL OF YOU for your great support and for having truly, intensely and heartily believed in this project; this beautiful story that I fell in love with a long time ago and that has been my "life companion" for the last 13 years.



Fabrizio Fenner


Daniele Porziani: New Associated Producer of Dark Resurrection vol.2

192 Daniele Porziani Monte Compatri RM

Daniele Porziani, from Monte Compatri in the province of Rome (Italy), is another new Associate Producer, who has joined the large group of the greatest supporters of Dark Resurrection vol.2.

We also asked Daniele the reason that led him to contribute so considerable to our project, and his response was as follows:

"I was fascinated by the project and by the results of the first film and as a Star Wars fan I can't help but contribute!"

Our most heartfelt thanks also go to Daniele for his generous contribution and his great support for our saga.

Thanks Daniel!

May the Force Be With You ... Always!

A new associate producer from Verona: Damiano Arcadici

190 - Damiano Arcadici_Verona.jpg

Damiano Arcadici, from the beautiful city of Verona, is the new associate producer of Dark Resurrection vol. 2 which, in the last days when it was possible to do so, wanted to contribute to our project.

Asked about the reason that led him to become an Associate Producer, Damiano responded in a very concise but effective manner:

"Because I have been following the project for years and because I consider the person and the project worthy of my (albeit small) contribution."

Damiano, I assure you that your contribution is not "small", as is your great support that we consider unique and very important.

As always, we wish Damiano:

May the Force Be With You ... Always!

Another new Associate Producer: Davide Varni


Davide Varni comes from Volpedo, in the province of Alessandria (Italy), and as a big fan of the Sci-Fi genre, he appreciated very much the work done in the previous Dark Resurrection chapters.

Now Davide has decided to contribute to our project in a very tangible way, becoming associate producer of volume 2.

At our request of what moved him to become associate producer of Dark Resurrection, Davide wrote us the following words:

"I discovered Dark Ressurrection years ago, when I was still a university student, remaining very much admired by the overall quality; the proverbial "breath of fresh air" in the asphyxiated scenery of Italian Sci-Fi. Now that I have the chance, I take part in the production of this volume with pleasure, especially to reciprocate - in a small part - the emotions I felt in past visions. But also to launch the signal, in my small way, that in Italy you can make more intense and well-made stories than the usual Christmas family film. "

We warmly welcome Davide in the large group of our greatest supporters, thanking him and greeting him in our own way.

Thanks Davide! May the Force be with you ... always!

Giovanni Ortu, from Sassari a New Associated Producer

195 Giovanni Ortu Sassari

We are approaching the end of the articles concerning the Associated Producers of Dark Resurrection vol.2.

Today we talk about Giovanni Ortu, from Sassari, another great supporter who has decided to join this enterprise in the last days in which it was possible to do it, for the reason that he himself explained to us:

“When, years ago, I discovered this project almost by chance I was surprised by the quality of the work done and by the originality of the ideas, but even more by the ability to reproduce the original spirit of the Star Wars films. I could not remain a mere "fan" and, as soon as I had the opportunity, I decided to actively participate."

We sincerely thank Giovanni for the beautiful words he has spent on the project and also, and above all, for his important contribution.

Thanks Giovvanni ... May the Force Be With You ... Always!

Another woman among the Associate Producers: Grazia Lupoli

189 Grazia Lupoli Roma

Among the last associated producers of Dark Resurrection vol.2, we have another woman: Grazia Lupoli, from the eternal city, Rome.

Grazia, who appears from the photo as a huge Star Wars fan, became an Associate Producer thanks to her husband who wanted to give her this particular gift.

We also thank Grazia's husband (also Associate Producer of Volume 2) for the continuous and very important support to our project.

May the Force Be With You .... Always!


188 Cristiano Nunziata Massa Lubrense NA

In this last month of November, dead-line to become associate producers of Dark Resurrection vol.2, many have decided to join.

One of these is Cristiano Nunziata, from Massa Lubrense in the province of Naples, who has long followed our Saga.

When asked why he was supporting us and becoming an associate producer, Cristiano simply replied as follows:

"I decided to contribute to your project because I was thrilled with the work you have done so far."

We thank Cristiano for believing and supporting our project so strongly and, as usual, we wish him:

May the Force Be With You ... Always!

Dario Cittadini: always a great supporter of Dark Resurrection

185 Dario Cittadini Firenze


The final chapter of the Dark Resurrection saga, finally, is about to come to light and fans continue to support this project with generous contributions.

Dario Cittadini, from Campi Bisenzio (FI) Italy, is one of these great fans. Dario has already been associate producer of Volume 0 and now, with great devotion and generosity, he has decided to also support the final chapter of the saga.

Asked about the reason that drove him to continue supporting our project, Dario simply replied:

"I believe in Star Wars. It's a kind of religion and your work is amazing and makes you dream more than a few official episodes of the saga! "

These beautiful words describe exactly the kind of passion that this Saga has managed to generate in its supporters.

We all thank Dario for his continuous and great support to realize Dark Resurrection.

Thanks Dario! May the Force Be With You! .... Always!

The writer Gianluca Villano among the Associate Producers of DR 2

194 Gianluca Villano Palombara Sabina RM

Dark Resurrection vol.2, includes many talented people among its supporters: scriptwriters, actors, directors, musicians, etc.

Among the new Associate Producers there is also a writer of fantasy novels, Gianluca Villano, from Palombara Sabina in the province of Rome (Italy) who, asked about the reason that prompted him to support our project, replied like this:

“I am a writer of fantasy novels, a huge fan of the Star Wars Saga since I was a child. I've always wanted to tell epic and spectacular stories like those in movies. The world of Dark Resurrection was presented to me by friends only recently and I immediately appreciated the spirit, dedication, passion, of its authors and performers. They give me hope in a country where these achievements must be considered truly pure science fiction. I am honored to contribute and become part of this great and exciting project. "

We answer to Gianluca that we are honored to have him among our most fervent supporters and we thank him, wishing him:

May the Force be with you ... always!

A New Associate Producer: Alessandro Cecchetto

191 Alessandro Cecchetto Aosta

Our daily roundup continues on the latest intrepid who wanted to join the Dark Resurrection vol.2 associated producers.

Today we are talking about Alessandro Cecchetto, from Aosta (Italy), a new great supporter of this Saga that began 15 years ago.

The motivation that led Alessandro to join our project and become an Associate Producer is as follows:

"I have been passionate about Star Wars for a lifetime, if I had the time I would have even wanted to participate in the realization, not just contribute."

Thanks Alessandro for your important contribution and your great support.

May the Force Be with You ... Always!

Peter Šupina, new associate producer from Slovakia

187 Peter Supina Bratislava Slovakia

Peter Šupina, from Bratislava, Slovakia, has already been associate producer of volume 0 and, recently, has also become associate producer of Dark Resurrection vol.2.

Peter wanted to contribute to our project again for the following reasons:

"I have been following the Dark Resurrection project since 2008 and I have enjoyed all the films presented on the website. I am very interested how the story concludes and with my contribution, I would like to support all the people who worked on this project and express my gratitude for this jewel among all Star Wars fan projects."

Thank you Peter for your great support over the years.

May the Force Be With you ... always!

Alexander Cimini, new associate producer and great supporter of Dark Resurrection

184 Alexander Cimini Forl Italia

Composer, director, great collaborator and friend, Alexander Cimini has also become associate producer of Dark Resurreciton vol. 2, proving, once again, a fervent supporter of these projects and a generous example to emulate. When we asked him the reasons that led him to support our project, Alexander replied this:

"As a friend of Angelo, as well as his collaborator, together we rejoiced and suffered in completing our projects. I strongly support DR because, while inspired by the universe of Star Wars, it is a very personal and original vision, and I thought that my, albeit small contribution, could give the possibility to see its work certainly unique, a wish of the author who has reason to exist, to be realized and materialized. Sublime and epic conclusion of a literary / cinematographic saga conceived by Angelo now 10 years ago and which, in the galaxy of Fan Movie, is certainly one in a kind. May the force be with you!!!"

We thank Alexander for his great and generous contribution, for his constant support and, above all, for his great friendship!

Thank you Alexander!

May The Force Be With You….Always!