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Nilah: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Nilah belongs to the Nexerith order, one of the oldest orders of the Jedi Republic, formed exclusively by women of extraordinary beauty: a perfect physical appearance was considered by the Nexerith order to be the evidence of the genetic purity required to have an innate flair for the Force.

The adepts of the Nexerith order, had to wear strictly white dresses, in order to show their genetic purity. The Jedi Republic always used them as bodyguards of the prominent members of the Council.

When the order finds out that Sorran is about to discover the secret of Eron, the Council demands the presence of one of its members within the mission. The senior members of the order think that taking part to such an important discovery would give them that kind of undisputed prestige that unfortunately Nexerith lost over the centuries .

Nilah, who secretly was an admirer of Sorran and of his theories, immediately volunteered to represent the order within the archaeological mission .

Once she is part of the group, she immeadiately gets on well with Thor and in many battles she often finds herself fighting side by side with him. Together with Thor, Nilah fights and wins the battle of Trisnax, a bloody war against the local natives worshipping a relic of Eron. This terrible battle was caused by the carelessness of Gashis, a member of the group who surely didn't stand out from the others for his diplomacy .

Over time, Nilah and Thor start feeling attracted to each other. This attraction however, never comes to light owing to the strict emotional training that the two Jedis had to follow right from their early childhood.