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The General Mesian: character sheet

Written by Staff.


The General Mesian took part in the Keys Battle against the imperialists. That battle ended with the victory of the Jedi Republic. Nevertheless, there were many casualties among the ranks of the Republic and many republican ships were torn down .

According to the Jedi Council the cause of such loss was a serious strategic error of the General Mesian: he underestimated the power of the enemy gunners .The General Mesian was dismissed because the Council thought he was no longer able to carry-out military operations.

After many years he was given the command of the Kobegalon ship for the the archaeological mission led by Maester Sorran. For the Council, this solution had two advantages: on one hand, the General Mesian coud monitor the actions of Sorran and report to the Council, on the other a general considered no longer able to carry-out a battle was kept away from the battlefield.

The General Mesian considers the quest for Eron a waste of time. He lives this assignment as a punishment given to him by the Council and hopes that the umpteenth failure of Sorran with the mission number 36 will mark the end of this ridiculous archaeological research, allowing him to come back to the battlefield to which he feels to belong.