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Fabio Crudele, a Hero of the stars!

Fabio Crudele Massafra TA

Fabio Crudele, besides being one of the Heroes of the Thousand Enterprise, is also a recent member of our team who deals mainly of our website.

Fabio has a highly impressive CV for his work skills but, in addition, it is also one of my myths regarding the creation of projects related to Grendizer/Goldrake (which are tied my childhood memories) that you can admire in these two websites:

As motivations that led him to become an Associate Producer of Dark Resurrection, Fabio said the following:

"There is no specific reasons, perhaps because I liked the idea of ​​a fan-made movie with so much effort and passion ...
Seeing that there is the opportunity to realize an idea, with the only motivation of passion, this pushed me to make the donation.
That in the end I found myself in some way in, even if only as a web engineer just makes me pleasure. I have always supported these causes that seem impossible, because I believe that in these works there is something honest and sincere, that is not related only to the production logic.
When I spoke with George, the modeler of our Grendizer, and I knew that he was giving a helping hand in DR well, then I decided it was worth somehow to help the work.
Despite certain titles that I gained on the field, I consider myself basiccally insane, but not in the pejorative sense of the term, mostly I like to draw roads on uncharted territory, so it was only natural that I give my little contribution to a visionary project as DR.
I would like just to highlight the fact that I share with you a common passion, that for visionary projects that go beyond patterns.”

We all thank Fabio not only for the economic contribution but also for the important work he is doing for the site of Dark Resurrection that by Christmas 2013 is protected by his “antigravity beam”.

Thanks Fabio!

May The Force Be With You…Always!!!