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Ian Godin, a new Hero from Canada

175 Ian Godin EdmontonAlberta Canada

A new Hero has joined the Army of the Deed of the Thousand!

His name is Ian Godin and lives in Edmonton, Canada.

Ian wanted to contributre to the realizzation of our project, becoming Associate Producer, for the reasons that he explained below:

“I first found the dark resurrection project a couple years ago on YouTube while watching fanfilms.  I don't know much Italian, but subtitles were provided, allowing me to experience the films as well as understand what was being said.  I was drawn to the films initially because of how well done they were, both visually and in terms of the actors involved.   Most fanfilms are either very very short, or extremely poorly done, with few exceptions.   Once I had watched the films however, I was drawn to them for other reasons, among them the storyline.  Particularly of interest to me was the expression of the story, most novels, films, fanfilms, and other mediums express a story with a bias for one side or the other but the Dark Resurrection films did not.   The good guys are definitely good and the bag guys definitely bad, but there is not bias for either side.   One side isn't all knowing and holy and the other slobbering monsters of unchecked rage. Both are shown from a neutral perspective, their good and their bad shown without bias, which I feel is incredibly important for storytelling.  I wanted to contribute sooner but the conversion difference from my currency to the euro is significant and I wasn't financially able until this year.

Thank you Ian for joining us in this beloved project!

May The Force Be With You…Always!!!